Helix Australia provides expertise in a wide range of areas including breeding, consulting and marketing.


Helix Australia has extensive experience in developing Australian native flower crops for a successful commercial outcome. Our access to breeding expertise enables us to develop and execute both small and large scale breeding programmes for many crops.


Optimising sales returns for all stake holders (growers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers) is a key objective of our breeding and licensing programmes.

Helix Australia has an extensive network of distributors and partners worldwide. We closely monitor global trends and developments in the cut flower and nursery industries. Our breeding programmes are market-driven and we connect and facilitate our licensed growers with trusted and reputable global sales partners.


Helix Australia provides agronomic and growing consulting services to ensure the successful roll-out of our varieties in a commercial growing environment. Consulting services include advice on soil management, irrigation and fertisliser programmes as well as pest/disease management.

For further details on Helix Australia services contact Adrian Parsons [email protected]

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