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Through our long-term relationship with sister company WAFEX, Helix Australia has over 30 years experience in the growing and trading of Waxflower. Helix Australia has identified the greatest opportunity for growth in this key filler flower is via the breeding, development, licensing and marketing of new and exciting varieties.

Helix Australia has developed a global network of premium Waxflower growers who produce in an exclusive region and who work closely with us in developing marketing programmes that optimise returns for all stakeholders.

Helix Australia guides and directs our breeding partners to focus on desirable attributes in Waxflower where the greatest demand exists.

Thus far some of our breeding outcomes have included:

  • A world first red/white bi colour Waxflower (My Sweet 16)
  • An outstanding double petal pink variety (Dancing Queen)
  • A beautiful clear white hybrid which flowers 4 weeks ahead of any other variety (Morning Delight)
  • A range of superb white Waxflower  Pearl selections that flower up 5 weeks after all other Pearl hybrids have finished flowering  (Leeman Pearl and Batavia Pearl)
  • Two magnificent pink hybrids will amazing vigour, stem length and yield almost double most other Waxflower hybrids (Raspberry Ripple and Kerryn)

In addition, we forecast a likely outcome from our King’s Park Botanic Programme will be a range of amazing megapetalum hybrids with a flower/bloom size 30% larger than what is currently on the market.

Flowering time is a key breeding objective and on each variety page there is  estimated flowering time of Helix Australia waxflower hybrids in the key production areas around the world.

Cut Flower availabilty by region

Seasonal availabilty in:

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